A smart control panel for every room

Designed to be as fast and practical as physical buttons, HomeGenie Panel is an application for controlling "things" from any Android device, either tablet or phone.
Using pinned shortcuts, just one tap away from your phone's home screen, you can activate lights or run scenarios just as quick as tapping a physical button in reach.

HomeGenie Panel features voice control, customizable dashboards, large buttons and indicators to easily monitor and operate your smart devices such as lights, switches, thermostats, sensors, media servers and smart TVs, and can handle multiple connections to different HomeGenie servers and UPnP devices.

Runs 24/7 flawlessly and does not require any Internet access to work!

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Scenes and party-mode 🎶 🥳

With the script recording functionality you can live record and playback commands to create scenes with ease, while the integrated party-mode can synchronize lights color and level with the surrounding sounds and music creating suggestive lights effects.

The video above shows Party-Mode in action using a few RGB LEDs wired to a Raspberry Pi with HomeGenie Server and controlled by an old Android 6 tablet running HomeGenie Panel (sounds muted due to copyright).

Commands automatically generated by party-mode, like any other manually issued commands to control lights, media servers and smart TVs, can also be recorded to a script.


HomeGenie Panel also comes with a built-in automation engine that allow to write programs using JavaScript to extend and customize the panel functionality.

For example, it is possible to play a sound when a certain device is switched on, or make the panel say something using the internal speech synthesis.

It's also possible to program voice based interactions by making the panel ask something and then wait for the user reply to determine the next action to take.

So, in a context where multiple panels are installed in different zones, each one can have a different configuration and implement individual automation tasks that do not involve the use of a server/gateway at all.

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