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With HomeGenie, you can create common automation tasks and scenes effortlessly. No need to learn or use any programming language to customize your smart system.

Visual programming

With the Visual Program editor, you can create a scene by just interacting with widgets or by dragging and dropping commands from the Blocks toolbox located on the left side of the visual editor area.

The logic flow and the commands of the scene are in fact represented as colored blocks that can be easily modified and rearranged with your fingertips without ever writing a single line of code.

Indeed, the "behind the scenes code" is automatically generated by the visual editor engine and can be viewed clicking on the Generated Code tab.

This could also be a simple way to explore and learn how to use Automation Programs API to write more complex scenes or advanced programs using any of the supported programming languages (C#, JavaScript, Python).

Live recording a scene

Using the visual editor toolbar you can enable widgets preview (preview) where is possible to display and interact with widgets of devices and other things involved in the scene's script.

Is also possible to manually select actors of the scene using the "Select modules" (dashboard_customize) button, even if they are not yet employed in the scene script. This is especially useful when enabling the capture commands (fiber_manual_record) functionality to record the script in real time by interacting with widgets.

When the Capture commands functionality is enabled any command executed on a widget in the preview area will automatically be added to the program's Main block with the addition of a user-configurable pause between each command.

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