Integrated solution for smart systems

Control Panel

HomeGenie Panel is a standalone app with action scheduler, script recording, voice control, capable of controlling media servers and smart TVs and of course HomeGenie Mini and Server devices.

With a built-in automation engine, automation API and JavaScript editor, HomeGenie Panel can work 24/7 and act as always-on smart panel with server/gateway level features.

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Smart Device

HomeGenie Mini is an open source firmware for creating fully featured smart devices that are easy to set up and have a builtin scheduler that can also run automation tasks with JavaScript code and that do not require any gateway, cloud or internet service to function.

Currently available for ESP32 / ESP8266 SoC microcontrollers, HomeGenie Mini devices can be installed right away from this page by choosing one of the available pre-built firmware examples.

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Programmable Intelligence

HomeGenie Server is an open source, general purpose, programmable intelligence that can monitor and control smart devices to implement any kind of automated tasks based on statistics and actual system data. It features a powerful scheduler and program engine, data processing and analysis, package system, widgets editor and program editor with APIs that include GPIO/SPI/I2C programming.

With examples and widgets for a quick Smart Home setup, and built-in drivers for X10, ZigBee, Z-Wave, HomeGenie Server is available for Windows, Mac, Linux and ARM-based computers.

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