Managing dashboards

It is possible to have a summary and navigate through the dashboards by opening the side drawer, clicking the menu button menu on the application bar.
The side drawer can eventually be fixed by clicking the push pin button push_pin located in the bottom right.

Next to the drawer button, the dashboard menu button dashboard will show options for adding new dashboards and managing the current one.

Dashboard Widgets

From the dashboard menu is also possible to add new widgets dashboard_customize or charts auto_graph to the current dashboard.

Arranging widgets

A long press on a widget will activate drag mode, where you can sort widgets by dragging them.
It is also possible to group widgets on the dashboard by "logical" sections using the "Section Label" widget.

The Section Label widget also adds toggle buttons as a quick shortcut to turn on/off all lights or switches in that section.

The options menu

All widgets have an options menu button located in the upper right corner. Depending on the type of widget, specific button icon and menu options might be shown. Either way, widget options menu will at least have the Edit and Remove options.
The edit Edit option will display all data bound to the widget and allow you to change the name, type and other data fields, while the remove Remove option will remove the widget from the dashboard.

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Documentation — version 1.4