Through the system settings page you can configure the built-in interface drivers and other options implemented by automation programs such as "Remote Control" and "Weather Forecast".

Depending on installed packages and custom programs, a different number of configuration options will be available.


Packages are basically a collections of automation programs that implement and extend the functionality of the system. A package usually contains programs that add a specific set of features.

For instance, the homegenie-home package contains smart home features such as the Smart Device program which adds to lights and switches the functionality of being activated by a motion sensor and based on ambient light level and automatically turn off after a certain period of inactivity (no motion detected), or like the Philips Hue Bridge (v1) program which interfaces to the gateway to control smart lights connected to it.

Selecting a package name from the list will display additional details: the list of included programs and buttons to Install, Uninstall, Repair, or Edit the selected package.

By editing a package you can update or add new programs and generate a new version of the package bundle that can be downloaded as a zip archive.

Packages can be imported by clicking the upload_file upload button, while clicking the add_circle_outline button next to it allows you to create a new package to bundle any custom programs.

All packages must specify a repository name, which for user-created packages is by default named "user", but can be any other name.

So, a repository is a collection of packages. All official HomeGenie packages are stored in the homegenie repository. It contains the base package (homegenie-base), which should always be installed, and other optional packages such as:

Since all programs come in the form of source code, they can be modified using the built-in program editor, so it's even easier to learn advanced topics to customize and get the best out of your HomeGenie system.

Control Groups

A control group is a set of programs, lights, switches, and other devices. For example a group called "Living Room" would contain all smart devices available in the living room, or a group called "External Lights" would contain all external lights, and so on.

Control groups can be referenced in automation programs to quickly perform actions on multiple devices belonging to the same group (e.g. turning off everyday all *"External Lights" at a given time).

Groups can also be used to quickly create new dashboards with a predefined set of devices in it, and are also used in the HomeGenie Panel app for the same purpose.

System Maintenance

From the system maintenance page you can configure core service options (such as HTTP port and logging), create or restore backups, restore factory settings, update the software when a new release is available.

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