Meet Shieldy

Shieldy is a smart device that can be used to turn regular shutters into fully automated shutters. The 3d printed shell and other parts can be customized to fit different models.
Easy to calibrate, fast and reliable positioning, it also auto-detects and reports eventual mechanical issues.
Can be automated using HomeGenie Panel and HomeGenie Server for instance to optimize the light income based on solar time or simply to suit you daily routines and preferences.
It can be battery-powered and recharged automatically using a small solar panel.


Firmware install command

pio run -e shutter-c3 -t upload

See the Getting started and the Device setup pages for further information about installing firmware and configuring a HomeGenie Mini device.

Modules and API

In addition to the common Device API, this device implements the following modules and API.

S1 module

Controls servo motor connected to GPIO 5.

Domain / Address




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