Meet Firefly

Firefly is a small device that can control HVAC systems, TVs, music and video players, lights and other things that can be controlled using an IR or RF remote.
Firefly captures commands directly from the original remote control so you can save, playback or schedule captured commands using HomeGenie Panel and/or HomeGenie Server.

In addition to commands learning and playback, FireFly can also be used to control other devices or to trigger a script when a specific IR/RF signal is detected.


Create this device now! 🪄

Connect your ESP32 / ESP8266 microcontroller to the USB port of this computer, select the desired firmware version, and click the "Create device" button to upload HomeGenie Mini firmware to the device.

1. Select device type

2. Select firmware flavor

3. Let the magic happen!

Installing firmware directly from this page works only in browsers with Web Serial API enabled.

See the Device setup page for further information about configuring a HomeGenie Mini device.

Source code

This firmware pre-compiled binaries and source code are available on GitHub:

folder_open ir-transceiver folder_open rf-transceiver folder_open x10-transceiver

Manual build and install

You can also manually build and install the firmware from source code as explained in the Getting started page and using the following commands for flashing the firmware:


pio run -e <type>-transceiver -t upload


pio run -e <type>-transceiver-d1-mini -t upload


pio run -e <type>-transceiver-c3 -t upload

where <type> can be ir, rf or x10.

See the Getting started and the Device setup pages for further information about installing firmware and configuring a HomeGenie Mini device.

Modules and API

In addition to the common Device API, this device implements the following modules and API.

IR module

IR module is associated to IR transceiver hardware.

Domain / Address




RF module

RF module is associated to RF transceiver hardware.

Domain / Address




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