Building and flashing the firmware

The firmware can be installed using Platform.IO core CLI. After installing Platform.IO core, download HomeGenie Mini source code, unzip it and open a terminal with the current directory set to homegenie-mini folder.
Then enter the following commands to install libraries required to build the firmware:

pio update
pio lib install

To actually build and install HomeGenie Mini firmware, connect your ESP device to your PC's USB port and issue the command:

pio run -e default -t upload

Congratulations!! =) You've just got a new shiny HomeGenie Mini device up and running.

Configuration environments

The option -e default shown in the previous command is used to specify the configuration environment. The default environment is for building the base firmware for a generic ESP32 board.

To list all available configurations enter the following command:

pio project config

By editing the platformio.ini file is possible to add custom configuration environment to build your own version of the firmware to support different hardware and functionality.

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