I/O channels

Communication with the device can happen using one of the following I/O channels.

HTTP (port 80)

Clear text synchronous I/O channel.

HTTP - SSE (port 80)

Clear text JSON-serialized events stream. This channel is output-only.

Events stream URL

WebSocket (port 8188)

Asynchronous channel supporting both clear-text and binary-packed I/O.

MQTT (broker port 8000 via WebSocket)

Asynchronous I/O channel using MQTT protocol. A topic for each domain/module implemented by the device is available for listening to events and issuing API commands.


Clear text I/O channel over serial port link.

Modules and API

HomeGenie Mini API is a subset of HomeGenie Server API which makes of it a "minified" instance of HomeGenie Server specifically designed for microcontrollers.

Regardless the channel used to send API commands they will keep the same syntax:


Commands issued via HTTP are prefixed with the base url /api/.

Automation module

Domain / Address



Config module

Domain / Address



Control module

Domain / Address



Where <module_address> is the GPIO number. So to set HIGH the GPIO12 the API command will be:


Depending on the installed firmware version there will be available different GPIO modules.
GPIO modules are enabled by setting the CONFIG_GPIO_OUTPUT preprocessor macro with the GPIO numbers:

  -D CONFIG_GPIO_OUTPUT={4,5,6,12}

Beside builtin GPIO modules, it is possible to create custom modules like in the color-light example where the C1 module is associated to an RGB-LED and is used to control it.

Additional Control API provided in example code:

mini module

Builtin sensor module.

Domain / Address



Example API request via HTTP

Commands issued via HTTP are prefixed with the base url /api/, so the URL for calling the method Modules.Get of the Config module will be:

GET /api/HomeAutomation.HomeGenie/Config/Modules.Get/HomeAutomation.HomeGenie/mini


  "Name": "HG-Mini",
  "Description": "HomeGenie Mini node",
  "DeviceType": "Sensor",
  "Domain": "HomeAutomation.HomeGenie",
  "Address": "mini",
  "Properties": [{
    "Name": "Sensor.Luminance",
    "Value": "114",
    "UpdateTime": "2019-01-30T13:34:02.293Z"
    "Name": "Sensor.Temperature",
    "Value": "18.25",
    "UpdateTime": "2019-01-30T13:34:02.293Z"
    "Name": "System.BytesFree",
    "Value": "2243167",
    "UpdateTime": "2024-03-13T18:06:08.730Z"

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