Meet Lunar

Lunar is a multi-sensor device equipped with humidity, temperature and motion sensors and a round touch display with on board ESP32-S3 chip. The breadboard-friendly 3d printed shell with cables holder at the base allows plugging and testing other electronic modules quickly.

Provided with a minimal user interface and a few example activities, this setup leaves a plenty of RAM available (2,22Mb!) making it a suitable base configuration for developing and testing your creations and explore more advanced applications with HomeGenie Mini.

Original 3D design and artwork by *G-Labs*, title "India approaching Moon 23-08-23"

User Interface demo

Lunar is also an example of how to use HomeGenie Mini SDK classes to implement a multitasking and touch based user interface.

One of the example shows how to "pair" any switchable smart device or scene to a Lunar device, so you can control it using the touch UI.


Firmware install command

pio run -e smart-sensor-display-s3 -t upload

See the Getting started and the Device setup pages for further information about installing firmware and configuring a HomeGenie Mini device.

Modules and API

In addition to the common Device API, the following modules and API are implemented by this device.

mini module

Builtin sensor module.

Domain / Address



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