Scenarios and scripts

To create scenarios, lighting effects or any other kind of automated script, we can use the Record Macro functionality which is found in Actions menu of the groups' page.

When Record Macro option is active, every action taken (eg. controlling lights/switches from the user interface or with a remote control), will be stored in a script (namely a Wizard Script). By default, in the recorded script, it will be put 1-second delay between each command. We can switch between other kinds of timing while recording. One of these is called Mimic. When Mimic is selected, the resulting script will replicate exactly the timing we used during the recording session.

To end a recording session and save the script, click the Save button in the bottom bar.

Wizard Scripts

After saving the script the Wizard Script editor will open. From there, we can further edit the script, add/remove commands, change the name, the description and the program group.

A Wizard Script is a type of automation program that requires no programming knowledge and it can be either automatically created from the Record Macro functionality, as just discussed, or manually from the Programs page.


There are different ways in which a script can be performed:

See the above How-To video for further information.

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